Every package shipped by Amsterdam Republic is packed with the most utmost care and in special packaging designed for our iconic bottles and products. On our deliveries both national and international we have certain terms and conditions which we explain below.


We hate to start with an I told you so but we are human as well. We take the utmost care of our published articles and information on our media and website(s), but inaccuracies can occur. In the highly unlikely case we just want to give it to you straight, we do not accept liability for damage resulting from inaccuracies, technical malfunctions, problems cause or related to information or communication. This exclusion of liability also extended to our affiliated companies and websites.

We do not sell alcohol to people under the age of 18 (in EU) and 21 (US), we will use a special service for delivery that will check the age of the receiver.


In the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute the customer need to make this known to his/her account manager or through the general contact page. We will try to resolve this in the best way possible and with the biggest smile as result.