Amsterdam Republic

Produced in Amsterdam

No machines, automatic processes or mass creation. Every bottle is filled, decorated and sealed by hand. You get a true authentic Amsterdam product.

And we are damn proud of the result!

Quality Control

Since 2003, we’ve been perfecting The Art of Quality. As we strived to create a masterpiece worthy to carry the name Amsterdam. Our vodka is known to be the highest quality and distilled with local Amsterdam ingredients. 

Starts with glass

It’s not just another bottle. Our ‘Amsterdammertje’ bottles are 100% clear glass. Free of any materials that can alter the taste of our premium spirits. Our manufacturer also makes the perfume bottles for Dior and Chanel.


The bottles are washed first using our vodka! After which they are filled with our vodka. Yes, read it again. This ensures not a drop of regular water goes into the final product. It truly is 100% vodka. 

Sealed airtight

Once the Amsterdammertjes are filled, we close them with a cap and hit them with a hammer to shut them up. After which they are sealed airtight with a wrapping seal.

The final touch

The last step before they go on tour is adding our labels. Our front and back labels are done by hand, adding the sticker in between the andreas cross precisely. Details!

THE VODKA from AMSterdam

We produce the only true Amsterdam Vodka you can get. Sourced with local ingredients, made by hand. Amsterdam Republic Vodka is made in limited batches. Securing the taste with every serving.

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