Amsterdam Republic has become a well-known name in nightlife and is available at the big liquor stores.

Our adventure started back in 2003 with a collision. We bumped a car against a typical Amsterdammer pole on the Geldersekade in Amsterdam. This accident sparked our idea: bottles of great local liquor in the shape of the iconic Amsterdammer pole.

We then went in search of a suitable glass manufacturer. That listens carefully, because the glass must be completely transparent. “If there is just a hint of green in it, the drink immediately looks like canal water.” Our glass manufacturer also makes perfume bottles for Dior and Chanel.

Our vodka had to be our own recipe, taste perfect and be made in Amsterdam. We finally found a great distillery partner that shared our vision. Together we made a perfect blend of fermented wheats, sugars and perfected our distillation process. 

We love to drink spirits, and we wanted our own spirit had to be even better. In recent years we continued to raise the standards and have come to a great blend that is great with ice, or mixed into a perfect cocktail.

In our first year, we sold three thousand liters, which increased to 45,000 liters in 2008 and we are still growing since then.